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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the traffic impact be on IL120 during construction?

At least one lane of traffic in each direction will always be available during daily work hours.  Occasionally flaggers will stop all traffic as trucks or equipment enter the live lanes and short delays should be expected. Overnight two lanes will be available in each direction.


Will business driveways be impacted during construction?

Businesses will be kept open during construction. Signs will be used to direct motorists into driveway entrances.  However, when new storm sewers are constructed across some driveway entrances, traffic may be directed to an alternate entrance for a short period. Also when new concrete is poured through driveway entrances, it will be done in a staged manner to keep the driveway access open but will require that the width available to traffic be narrowed so the driveway can be constructed one half at a time. Delivery trucks are encouraged to use alternate entrances if available.


Why is Lake County DOT working on a State road?

As part of our RTA ¼% sales tax funding, Lake County has committed to relieve congestion not only on our roads, but on state roads as well funding project in the past like the IL 21/ IL 137 intersection and the US 45 Millburn Bypass. This is another use of those funds to improve traffic flow for Lake County motorists.


Will Pace bus routes change?

Some PACE Bus stops will not be available during construction. Please contact Pace Bus for information on service during construction.

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